Summer Planning Made Easy

With travel and camp, our summer attendance tends to be rather sporadic. We need lessons that stand alone, invite us outside, and offer meaningful opportunities for reflection about God. Sound familiar? I’d been pondering how we could offer a multi-age class focused on justice and compassion starting in June. As grace would have it, several things converged and a summer of learning about God’s vision for justice and compassion is practically planned! Here’s what we are doing:

01-14-17-08-58-49_2017_01_Illustrated-Earth.pngSunday school lessons for combined prek-5th: I was excited to learn that Illustrated Children’s Ministry is creating a series of lessons on “learning to love like God” called, An Illustrated Compassion, to be released next week. We used their An Illustrated Earth curriculum last year and found it was a no/low prep, engaging option for summer. According to their website: “Each lesson will include an opening gathering activity (this usually involves movement), Illustrated Story Cards to retell the story together, a script version of the story you can use for acting the story out, discussion questions, a Compassion in Action opportunity to practically connect the story to your lives, coloring and music!“ Their pricing is very fair, with many products on a sliding scale based on church size.

Family Take Home for Summer: Since many of our families travel, we want to be sure to offer something to help them learn and grow on the go. An Illustrated Compassion for Families will be the perfect complement to our summer focus on justice and compassion

IMG_20161211_105739227Activity for Children on All Ages Worship Sundays: 
On the first Sunday of the month children worship with the congregation. We like to have a worship-related activity for them to do at the front of the sanctuary while they listen to the sermon. During Advent we used the large coloring posters which were big enough and sturdy enough for all the kids to color. For summer, we’ll use the Illustrated Compassion posters. I love the images!

Children’s time: Since I helped my friend Hanna Schock edit her ebook 25 Picture Books about Justice, I had been
pondering using them for summer. Around the time I was reading Hanna’s thoughtful reviews, a member offered a very generous donation to our children’s library which covered the costs of the books. We’ll IMG_20170420_131915read one each week during worship. I think they’ll get adults and kids talking.

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together? Are you talking about justice and compassion this summer? I’d love know what your plans are.  Please get in touch.


You should know, this isn’t the first time I’ve recommended Illustrated Children’s Ministry on my blog. I’ve used their Advent posters, Illustrated Lent for Families, and An Illustrated Earth.  I just signed up to be an affiliate which means that if you use the links in this post I get a small portion of the sales. The truth is, though, I would recommend them without the incentive.

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