More Than a Number: Back to School Question Cards

Looking for an inexpensive, faith forming giveaway for Back to School time? Try these printable question cards.

Christine V Hides

shareasimage (17)Our students are measured in countless ways throughout the school year. Doctors measure height and weight. Academic skills are tested. Sticker charts and stop lights measure behavior.  We count pages read and homework assignments completed. We keep track of our sports scores and music practice time afterschool.  Measuring tools are important – but they are not the whole picture of who we are as beloved children of God.

Christians believe that God loves each and every one of us, just as we are. There isn’t a ruler large enough to measure that! But, sometimes in midst of all the measures and numbers, we need a reminder to pay attention to our spiritual identity.

Through God’s endless love and grace, we are inspired to live faithfully in the world. How do we know if we are living faithfully? How do we move beyond all the numbers that label us?  Fruits of…

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