Teen Friendly Back to School Blessing:

I have noticed that the youth are less enthusiastic about backpack blessing tags than the younger kids.  This year I decided to try to come up with a something that appealed to a wider age range. The blessing reminder needs to be:

  1. Youth friendly.
  2. Visually appealing.
  3. Budget-friendly.
  4. Reflect our church’s commitment to inclusion.
  5. Be a first glimpse of our new faith formation logo.
  6. School can be challenging. The reminder needs to offer hope and encouragement.
Copy of Faith Formation
Not the final sticker 😉

I chose vinyl stickers because my own two teenagers cover their school laptop devices with stickers. Stickers can also be placed on lunch boxes, water bottles, and cars.

I asked one of our first-grade students what the reminder should say. She suggested the world “Love.” While I don’t want to share the complete design, they turned out great! Good thing I ordered enough for the congregation. We could all use a reminder that we are beloved, made in God’s image. I’d love to see your back to school blessing ideas. Please share!

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