Stories that Shape Us & and Invitation to Share Yours

Photo of “Companion Species” by Marie Watt.  Made of reclaimed wool blankets.

Recently, a dear friend told that she was wondering what to do next when she realized that parts of the story of my life helped her to navigate through her challenging, similar situation. My heart was touched to learn that the memories and stories I have shared with her over the years helped her in a tough time.

Last week, I spent three days in the Godly Play Core training led by Susan Mallison. Over and over Susan stressed the importance of having stories “in our bones” that give us resilience and hope when we are faced with the inevitable struggles in life. Children (and adults) need to hear these stories over and over. Each time we will encounter something new and insightful.

A few weeks ago I was asked to tell a story at Gilead, a new, “real butter” church in Chicago. I was worried that my piece about our family vacation was not as deep as the other person’s story of significant risk. Afterward, the other storyteller and I connected over travelling with our children. I was reminded of the things all humans share in common.

Through story, we find sacred weft and golden weave which create the beautiful fabric of our lives. This beautifully textured cloth comforts us, connects us, and enfolds us in love and grace. This blog remains the primary place where I share stories of my life and my ministry. You can also find pieces of my story at Grow Christians, Practical Resources for Churches, and the newly redesigned Building Faith websites.

In January, I’m inviting others who have a story to share to guest blog here at Bless Each One. Please contact me via gmail: Christine.Hides. The theme will be “Shaped.” What has shaped you? Hardship, joy, faith, guilt, pregnancy, ripped-body DVD’s, loss… tell the story of discovering what defines you. The deadline for submissions is November 26.

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