Finding Focus in a New Place

IMG_20180903_114022Big news! I am in a new role at a new place (more about that here).

The first week serving a new church (especially when it is a very different size from other churches I have served) feels a lot like the part of an eye exam where the doctor finds the glasses strength that allows clear focus.  “Which is clearer, one… [click] or two? Two… [click] or three?”

I found myself actually squinting this week during meetings as I tried to visualize what ministry looked like in this new place. There’s the far-sighted view that includes the vision and goals as well as the look backward at tradition and history. Then there’s the very near (and fairly urgent because it is also homecoming week!) view of every day tasks, learning names, and systems and structures. But as much as I listened and squinted, some of it needed to be experienced on a Sunday morning to become clear.

I am grateful for the clarity and focus that came from these first week experiences:

  • A warm welcome from staff and lay leaders as well as an inviting space to work in.
  • Meetings that provided the lay of the land for the first week as well as the long-range vision.
  • Curriculum documents and essential systems (calendars, databases and registration, for example).

The ability to say out loud that there is much I need to learn, that I will make mistakes, and that I am grateful for everyone’s graciousness as I find my focus in my role in this place.

May our hearts be ever focused on God who is still creating us anew.

2 thoughts

  1. I didn’t get to say my best wishes until now. You will be great and they are SO lucky! Two of my daughters and families are there – Elisa McDermott and Anne Kennett. Casey Kennett is a Jr. in high school. Hope to see you soon! Blessings, Margaret Moyer


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