Books for Worship Leaders and Ministry Candidates – If you give a youth leader a book…Part 3

If you give a youth leader a book… chances are she’ll want to read it right away. But, she’ll need some time away from school and work to get to it. This is the third post of four about books I read over break. The final post on children’s books will be posted on Monday, along with an Ash Wednesday coloring page!

Part I: Books Recommended by Youth
Part II:  Books for Parents
Part III: Books for Worship Leaders and Ministry Candidates
Part IV: Children’s Books

Always in Rehearsal: The Practice of Worship & the Presence of Children

by James H. Ritchie

I bought this book a few months ago and had a hard time getting into it. However, once I had time to give it my attention, I realize why so many have recommended it. The book begins by outlining the importance of children in worship from a theological perspective. The second half of the book is full of practical suggestions for making worshipers accessible to different learning styles – something that would benefit adults and children alike. I recommend it for Christian educators and pastors who are working toward incorporating children more fully into worship.

Disciple’s Journal by Steven Manskar

While I wish I could say I was religious about doing the lectionary readings in this book, the truth is my devotional life is sometimes, um… spotty. However, as a ministry candidate in the UMC, I highly recommend this book as continued preparation for interviews, keeping things fresh in your mind. Each week includes an excerpt from the writings of John Wesley, a hymn from Charles Wesley, and General Rule of Discipleship Cross where you can record acts of mercy, justice, devotion and piety.


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    1. I don’t read as much as I used to. I read a lot over break. It was amazing. I read my homework in the evening . Fridays are also my Sabbath day so I will read then if I’m feeling it. But, Netflix wins out over reading way more than it should.


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