Children’s Books – If you give a youth leader a book…Part 4

If you give a youth leader a book… chances are she’ll want to read it right away. But, she’ll need some time away from school and work to get to it. This is the fourth and last post of the series with two lovely books for children.

Part I: Books Recommended by Youth
Part II:  Books for Parents
Part III: Books for Worship Leaders and Ministry Candidates
Part IV: Children’s Books

Maybe God is Like That, Too by Jennifer Grant

What I love about this book: the idea that God is all around us, seen in the actions of others (focused on fruits of the Spirit), no gendered pronouns for God or the main character, diversity of people in illustrations, family depicted is grandma + child.  This book invites us to explore the important question of what God is like.

IMG_20180126_101746You are Stardust by Elin Kelsey

I’m using this book to talk about Ash Wednesday this year along with a new coloring page (available on Etsy). While the idea that we are all made from atoms formed in stars is not a new one, this book emphasizes the way that fact means we are interconnected with all God’s creation. I’m not fond of telling young children “to dust you shall return.” This book offers a way to share the truth that we, too, are mortal, subject to the cycles of life on earth, without mentioning death. Oceans, plants, electricity, animals, cells, stardust – while this book doesn’t mention God, it can be used to remind us that we are part of all God’s wonder-filled creation.

In addition, children need to hear that many Christians believe in both God and science. This book offers a way to begin that conversation.


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