Faithful Celebrations – a must-have resource for your intergenerational library

img_20180801_183352Finding materials for planning intergenerational faith forming experiences is a challenge. Affordability and flexibility are key. Sharon Ely Pearson’s Faithful Celebrations series is an outstanding choice for churches seeking to create opportunities for multiple generations to learn together. The fall volume, “Making time for God in autumn” provides engaging, faith forming activities for 8 different celebrations: Building a Church Family, Back to School, Labor Day, St. Francis of Assisi, International Day of Peace,  All Hallows’ Eve, All Saints’ Day, and Thanksgiving.

Each chapter offers multiple crafts, service projects, movement activities and more. These aren’t lesson plans, but a collection of options from which you can pick and choose based on your time and format. At under $20 for a paperback book, they are affordable  for most churches. I plan to use the book as our primary resource for our new, monthly all ages learning time before worship. It would also work well in camp, retreat, evening or Sunday morning settings.

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