A Blog Milestone!

Wow! This week will be the 6th anniversary of this blog- and the very beginning of my digital ministry (shout out to Tim Gossett!). My first post was created in Green Lake, Wisconsin during the CEF 2012 Conference. I went to that conference knowing no one. While there I met several Northern IL colleagues who have stood by me through the ups and downs of ministry. I attended CEF 2014 in Nashville with that same group of colleagues. There, my network grew exponentially as I began in the role of Content Manager at CEF.


Christian education ministry is joyful – and challenging. I am grateful for the many amazing colleagues who encourage me in both faith and practice. I hope that this blog is a form of gratitude and a wellspring of encouragement for others in ministry. I pray that our connection through Christ continues for years to come.

If you are going to be in Des Moines for Curious. Church – CEF 2018, please message me. I would love to chat with you. I will be leading two workshops: Online Faith Formation and Inter generational Lent, Holy Week and Easter. I hope to write a few blog posts while I am there, too. Traveling mercies!


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