Last Day of CEF2018 and a new Website Section

Once again I found my people at CEF. Once again I was reminded of my call to ministries of faith formation that engender justice seeking. Once again we are reminded that the church is changing rapidly. As CEF wisely moves  from the conference model toward a model of nooks and neighborhoods, I have spoken with many talented colleagues who want to continue to create in-person and/or digital space for faith formation practitioners to share.

The new website section: Workshops and Webinars will link you to slides and handouts from past sessions that I have led, including Online Faith Formation and Intergenerational Lent, Holy Week and Easter from #CEF2018.

Brian McLaren reminded us that in these changing times, we must choose our adventure. We can choose to look forward to adventures of honesty, creativity and opportunity or backward to adventures of nostalgia, denial, and surrender. I find hope in all the forward looking friends and colleagues I have met and reconnected with at CEF 2018. May God continue to nudge us out of our comfort zones and equip up for ministries of transformation.

Thank you design team and board for the gifts of this gathering. I am so very grateful for the way CEF has been the seed of  this website and grown into  my community.


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