Hidden Gems: Advent Resources You May Not Have Heard of

Each year I discover beautiful, new Advent resources worthy of sharing. I selected the ones below because they are simple (much needed in this time of parenting teenagers while enjoying my new full time position). Advent begins this Sunday, December 2. I wish you the peace, hope, love and joy of Christ this season.

Be Still and Go Podcast from Riverside Church: Fifty, 5-7 minute meditations that “invite you to reflect on a text or a theme so that you can be refilled and refueled for the work of love and justice that you are called to do. And this work is not a sprint. Take a moment and do your stretches because we’re in this for the whole marathon.” While technically not specifically for Advent, I believe the refueling for love and justice focus is deeply connected with the kindom and the incarnation.


#PictureAdvent: A daily email devotion, social media picture share, and daily action challenge calendar – all free. Curated by gifted colleagues in the UMC, I was honored to write the December 25th Devotional.

Son of David Advent Sermon Series at Kenilworth Union Church The church I currently serve did an excellent sermon series on David this fall which leads nicely into Advent:

“Seven hundred years before the first Christmas, the prophet Isaiah describes the Expected Messiah in similarly extravagant language: “Unto us a child is born,” he writes, “unto us a son is given. And his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Almighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”

During Advent this year at Kenilworth Union, your preachers will look at each of those four bold messianic titles to think about what they tell us about the One who came down to Bethlehem and will come again at the end of days.”


One page, printable word and verse a day calendar and beautiful collection of Advent poetry created by a friend of a friend, Thomas Mousin.

When doubt or sorrow fills the soul,
Come, O longed for promised Word.

When lies and falsehoods take their hold,
Come, O Truth that must be heard.

When fear is stirred with words of hate,
Come, O perfect Love to reign.

Our hearts with fervent hope await:
Come, O Christ be born again.

-Thomas Mousin

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