We’re Going on a Treasure Hunt! Updates for 2019

Colleagues, parents and friends,

The time between Christmas and New Year’s is my usual time for planning out the upcoming year on this blog. One fun change you may have already noticed is the new, cleaner look. This year, I invite you to join me on a treasure hunt through the archives.

Here’s the not very surprising thing I found while looking back through this website: some of the early posts, when there weren’t many readers, have received very few views.  So, in 2019 I will be dusting off some of these hidden treasures. Each week I will post one new blog (right now we are in the Engagement versus Attendance Measures series). On other weekdays I will post something from a previous year that has relevance for today.

As I looked back over the website stats I had to ask myself why I kept writing past the third year. For the longest time it seemed like the weekly posts only reached my mom and my husband. Never the less, I kept at it. There are now 240 posts on this blog, in addition to writing I have done for Building Faith, #PictureAdvent/Lent, Grow Christians and CEF (Christians Engaged in Faith Formation). Each month thousands of people visit – either that or my mom has really upped her clicking game.  I love the conversations and connections we have made in the comments, over the phone, and in person. My vision is that this website is a place filled with practical, engaging, faith forming resources. I’m enjoying doing more webinars and conference workshops. Which is to say, I’m looking forward to seeing where the Spirit moves this upcoming year.

I hope that you will join me on this year-long treasure hunt. I’m sure we’ll find some practical tips, interesting thoughts, and some good laughs hidden in the archives. Because I respect your email in-box, I have changed my settings so that all those on my email list will receive only one email per week. Be sure to sign up here to receive the weekly email summary of the week’s posts if you aren’t already on this list.  As a bonus, email subscribers will receive a download of the very popular Lenten Children’s Time series!.




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