Imagination is an important part of faith. We must be able to imagine the the kingdom of God in order to participate in its inbreaking.

Christine V Hides

shareasimage-22When I was a teenager, we lived on a lake, deep in the country. On summer nights I would retreat to our small dock, lie on my back and look up at the stars, marveling at the unimaginable prospect of infinity. I felt a sense of dizziness, others might call it awe, when confronted with the vastness of the universe. After a while, I would roll over and look into the dark water. When I shined a flashlight into the murkiness, microscopic water creatures would swarm toward the beam, creating a moving constellation of tiny, living beings.

That sense of dizzying awe I felt (and still do, actually) I now think comes from trying to imagine the unimaginable. When I run, 100 yards can seems like a mile. How can I begin to comprehend light years and billions? Understanding a Creator who made a dizzyingly large universe requires imagination. Not…

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