Holy Week with Children: Spoiler Alert

A post I shared with church parents last week:

“Spoiler Alert” is a necessary phrase in the age of the internet where we might come across a review of a movie or tv episode before viewing it. Those who reveal essential plot twists without proper warning are met with outrage on social media. The empty tomb of Easter needs no such warning. In fact children especially need the spoiler. As they hear the stories of Jesus’s last days on earth they need to know that Jesus’s death is not the end of God’s love and re-creation.

Parents may feel that they face a choice between sharing overly-graphic, developmentally inappropriate details about Jesus’s death, or sticking to Easter bunnies and candy. Recognizing the challenge Children’s Ministry is carefully and intentionally helping children experience God’s story in meaningful and life-giving ways. We offer three helpful tips for parents, grandparents, and teachers who seek to do the same… read the full article here.

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