To Do List for an (almost) Rocket Scientist

I pray you are taking care of yourself in the midst of a hectic Holy Week. There is so much to do. You are seen. You are enough!

Christine V Hides

Recently a colleague remarked that Christian education isn’t rocket science. Hmm. I’ve never been a rocket scientist. But, I did spend  two years in chemical engineering school and I can tell you that while there may be less math, children’s and youth ministry is still wonderfully challenging. I was pleased to see a recent article which highlighted the increasing demand for children’s ministers.  

I’ve also been reading Sustainable Children’s Ministry in preparation for the upcoming Sustainable Children’s and Youth Ministry Workshop by Ministry Architects in Northern Illinois – please register if you are nearby. I can’t recommend these resources enough for those who are in this ministry for the long haul.

So, what does a part-time youth and children’s minister do? Here’s my partial (I’m sure I’ve forgotten a lot) list:


Blog post and email to parents

Lessons planned and sent to teachers

Materials organized for…

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