To Do List for an (almost) Rocket Scientist

Recently a colleague remarked that Christian education isn’t rocket science. Hmm. I’ve never been a rocket scientist. But, I did spend  two years in chemical engineering school and I can tell you that while there may be less math, children’s and youth ministry is still wonderfully challenging. I was pleased to see a recent article which highlighted the increasing demand for children’s ministers.  

I’ve also been reading Sustainable Children’s Ministry in preparation for the upcoming Sustainable Children’s and Youth Ministry Workshop by Ministry Architects in Northern Illinois – please register if you are nearby. I can’t recommend these resources enough for those who are in this ministry for the long haul.

So, what does a part-time youth and children’s minister do? Here’s my partial (I’m sure I’ve forgotten a lot) list:


Blog post and email to parents

Lessons planned and sent to teachers

Materials organized for lessons

Children’s time message written

Text reminders to youth

Social media posts on upcoming events


Straightening classrooms

Stocking worship activity table

Provide admin with bulletin announcements

Plan youth group

Pray for all students by name

Follow up with visitors


Newsletter articles

Review ministry budget

Meetings with area youth ministry colleagues, community groups

Teachers scheduled

Birthday cards sent to students

Thank yous to volunteers

Finding youth worship leaders and communion servers


Devotionals for Advent and Lent

Communicating with college students

Curriculum chosen or written

Website updated

Safe sanctuaries training

Equip teachers

Intergenerational events

Preaching & LEading worship

Parenting workshops

Outreach events to the community

Working with pastor and staff on worship planning/themes

Attending youth sports, concerts and activities

Creating agendas for ministry team

Maintain bulletin boards

Work with trustees on building and safety needs


Denominational scholarship info sent out to youth

Recommendation letters for students as requested

One one one meetings with each family

Registration forms updated

Year-long calendar created

Special events planned – youth retreat, Pretzel Sunday, etc.

Graduation Sunday

Planning and leading Mission and Wilderness trips

Easter Egg Hunt

Christmas Eve family worship

Easter letter

Planning confirmation

Strategic planning and visioning


Reading and research

Caring for students

Whew! It may not be rocket science, but it is both challenging and inspiring. I may have a couch in my office, but I’ve sat on it less that five times. The good news is that over the last six years I’ve developed tools and systems that help me to keep on top of the large variety of tasks so I have more time for the most important part of the job- relationships.

I’d like to share these tools and systems with those new to ministry and those who could use a boost with the administrative end of things. I’m in the process of developing and inexpensive series of online coaching sessions to launch this summer. Please send me an email if you are interested in participating: Christine (dot) hides (at) gmail (dot) com

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