People and Resources You Should Know

One of the things I am grateful for in this pandemic is new relationships with colleagues from other parts of the country and world. Out of the desire to equip other ministry leaders, Tanya Campen, Kathy Pittenger, and I began meeting weekly right after Easter. It was a gift to be able to share the real and hard things with trusted colleagues. Out of these conversations, we created Launch! (Check out the new Hybrid Faith Formation Playlist for  leaders here). As we can, we create videos, podcasts, and printable tools for ministry leaders.

These two fellow deacons, passionate about children and family faith formation,  have also become dear friends. So, I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to them and the amazing resources they have created and curated for faith formation leaders.

Tanay Campen is the Director of Intergenerational Ministries  of the Rio Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church.  She teaches the Re-Envisioning Children’s Faith Formation for Today’s World MAster Class with Vibrant Faith. She and I were part of a panel discussion on Digital Technologies in Faith Formation with Discipleship Ministries early in the pandemic. Her work is also a part of the book,  Faith Formation with a New Generation. And, I happen to have it on good authority that she has a new book in the works. You can be sure I will share more on that when it is out!

Kathy Pittenger is the Coordinator of Children’s Initiatives for the Michigan Conference of the United Methodist Church. One of Kathy’s many gifts is creating playlists for faith formation, that allow people to deepen their faith through curated resources (for a better description, please read the article she wrote). You can find her amazing playlists here and here. Check out the Thanksgiving playlist – it is full of  resources for people of all ages. She also teaches a Vibrant Faith Master Class on Developing Playlists.

Together, Tanya and Kathy create the #pictureAdvent email devotional. I encourage you to subscribe to the email to receive beautiful, faith-filled, reflections.

In the midst of so many challenges due to COVID-19, I am grateful for God’s gift of new friendships and creative projects. I pray that each of you, readers, is blessed with colleagues who enrich your ministry and life abundantly.

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