2 Book Inspired Advent Kits with Templates

I have been so inspired by the Advent kits Christian educators are creating and sharing that I thought I would share ours from 2020 and 2021. This post contains affiliate links for Bookshop, meaning I make a small commission from your purchase which goes toward the ongoing maintenance of this website. 

I’ve written about Advent often in the last 9 years. Click here or on the menu above for the full list of resources.

Kit 1: Look! A Child’s Guide to Advent and Christmas  by Laura Alary& Ann Boyajian

We used this kit in 2020 when we were doing online Zoom with families. The four activities could be done on Zoom together, or at your own pace.


  1. Week 1 – Mason jar advent candles and stickers
  2. Week 2 – Hot chocolate discussion
  3. Week 3 – Blank cards to mail
  4. Week 4 – Star glasses (the brand we used was Holiday Specs)

Each kit was packed in a sturdy box that could be mailed to relatives so that grandparents and grandchildren could participate together.

Kit 2: Faithful Families for Advent and Christmas by Traci Smith

While we are meeting in person, we know there may be some families who prefer an at home option or would like to supplement Sunday school at home.This kit we are planning this year offers a short menu from Traci Smith’s book (reading, prayers, and activities) on a weekly bookmark. The book’s pick and choose format accommodates a variety of schedules and engages a wide range of ages. 

The weekly symbol accompanies the reading ad is designed to be placed on the included purple felt runner, echoing the Godly Play stories they will hear at church.


  1. Week 1: Scroll
  2. Week 2: Donkey
  3. Week 3: Shepherd
  4. Week 4: Bethlehem
  5. Christmas Day: Star
  • Velcro dots to stick the symbols to the felt
  • Hanger for the felt (optional)
  • Gold popsicle sticks to divide the felt into 4 sections
  • Supplies and instructions for chalking the door for Epiphany
  • A sticker Advent calendar
  • Packed in a paper gift bag

If you are doing an Advent kit this year, please share what you are including in the comments below!

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