Lent Full Circle

Hello, lovely readers!

I just released a new devotional on Etsy, Lent Full Circle. Like many of my other Lent and Easter resources, (check them out here or in booklet form here), I sought to create something that was experiential and engaging for families with children of many ages. I wanted a weekly devotional that could stand alone or enrich the Godly Play experience at church. Here’s a detailed description:

Lent Full Circle is for those looking for an entry-point into unfamiliar traditions. This guide is for those who are seeking something new in a familiar season. It is for those searching for God’s love in the ancient and the everyday. In addition to the booklet, you will want to gather a few household objects to create a tangible, engaging Lent experience for all ages (see the list below).

Each week of Lent Full Circle includes a story of Jesus’ life and something read (or watch), discuss, and do. Short explanatory notes for parents and caregivers help with the uncomfortable and unfamiliar parts of Lent.

Lent Full Circle draws on the storytelling and practices in Jerome Berryman’s Godly Play. In the Faces of Easter series, a new story of Jesus’ life is introduced each week of Lent. A corresponding image is placed in a line. On Easter, the line of images is reshaped into a circle, a visual reminder that Jesus’ story has no end.

In addition to the guide, you will need:
• Purple circle approximately 12 inches in diameter
• Fillable Easter egg
• A small paper or fabric butterfly
• Stones
• Wooden block
• Candle
• Shell
• Wooden peg doll
• Silk or paper leaf
• Printed Image Cards
• Computer or phone to watch the Faces of Easter videos (optional)

This 13 page download is available for $1 per household.

You may also be interested in my Ash Wednesday Coloring Page.

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