Resources for Planning for Reopening

As a follow up to the Four Things You Need Before Reopening Planning, I offer this curated list of resources from a variety of sources. As with any information on the internet, please verify the content and source as you make decisions. I will add to it as I can. If you have something to share, please comment below.

Updated to add: Please don’t interpret this post as me supporting early reopening. I do not. The safety and well being of children and vulnerable populations is my first priority. In my context, we are (best guess) months away from gathering children together. I’m using the resources below for long range planning. 

Before you begin, may I suggest watching this short video about Church in these VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) times?

Government Guidance:

Added 5/21: CDC Activities and Initiatives Supporting the COVID-19

The Centers for Disease Control Mass Gatherings

Medical & Scientific Guidance:

The World Health Organization Religious Communities Overview

The World Health Organization Religious Risk Assessment Tool

The World Health Organization Religious Decision Tree

Des Moines Area Religious Leaders Video with Infectious Disease Expert, Dr. Megan Srinivas

Guidance from Religious Organizations:

Added 5/21- Greater NW UMC REimagining Life Together

Added 5/21- From the Episcopal Bishops of Maryland, DC and Virginia

Returning to Church by the Wisconsin Council of Churches

PC(USA) Returning to Public Worship Theological and Practical Considerations 

Rio Texas Conference (UMC)

North Georgia UMC

Iowa Re-Entry Plan – Simple Rules

Clergy Coaching Network

Principles and Directions for the Reopening of UMC Facilities in Michigan

Arkansas UMC

Presbyterian Outlook: As Pandemic Persists, churches and insurance companies grapple with risk.

Re-Launch Guidelines Considered watch this Pastor measure her Sanctuary for placement of people.

Structuring the Plan:

From Christine V. Hides:

Four things you need to begin planning for reopening

It’s ok to pause before you plan. Really. (And a video about a teeter totter shaped plan)

48 Questions to Ask Before You Reopen Your Church (Ken Braddy)

Avoid this Big Mistake: Stepping back into the past

Children’s Ministry Focused:

Added 5/21- FAQ and Practical Tips re:Children and Masks from Parenting Forward

Added 5/21 Rio Texas Conference Resources

Added 5/21- Kentucky Annual Conference UMCKentucky Annual Conference UMC

Ten Steps for Reopening Children’s Ministry from Interim Ministry Partners

6 Considerations for Reopening your Kids Ministry (LifeWay Kids Min 101)

Steps and questions to prepare kids min after COVID-19 (North Carolina Baptists

About Singing:

Summer, VBS and Camp:

Added 5/21- Cancelling Summer Programs from Building Faith

Notes from VBS conversations in the UMC Children’s Ministry Group

Connecticut Camp Requirements

Sample Plans:

ChurchWork Plan for Reopening

From the Business World:

Ernst and Young: Beyond Covid-19

Ernst and Young: Enterprise Resilience Framework

Leading in Challenging Times with Harry Kraemer

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