Our 2015 Lent Reading Bags

shareasimage (6)For Lent, we are all about equipping families to read the Bible together at home. As often as we can, we choose to use the same  scripture in worship as in faith formation (Sunday School) classes. Last week we distributed bags for the season of Lent which included the readings, discussion questions and an object for reflection. On Mondays, we send an email with additional information and links.

The contents of each bag cost just over a dollar, although I did have the rocks on hand and had purchased the crosses on 90% off clearance the previous year. Our church is working with the theme of “Forgiveness.” Here are the objects and questions we provided for each passage:

Week One: Luke 15:11-32 -Prodigal Son

Lay the purple cloth on your table. Think about the “best robe” that the father gave to his returning son.

When do you say you are sorry? How does it feel when someone forgives you? If you were having a welcome home feast for someone, what food would you serve?

Week 2: Psalms 51 and 139

Place the mirror on the purple cloth this week. Look in it and remember that you are a beloved child of God. God knows you!

Which of the two Psalms do you like best? There are Psalms for all kinds of feelings. How do you share your feelings with God? How do you feel when you share your prayers with God?

 Week 3: Mark 12:28-34 – Most Important Commandment

Place the wooden heart on the cloth for this week. Try to memorize  Mark 12:29-31.

How do you show love for God? How do you show love for your neighbors? How do you love yourself? Discuss who you feel your neighbors are.

Week 4:

Jesus in Jerusalem -Families are given a list of scriptures for the events of Holy Week

Place the six stones on the purple cloth, creating a path.

At the end of his life, Jesus journeyed to Jerusalem. We are journeying though Lent. Discuss important journeys that you have been on. Where do you find God when you are away from home?

 Week 5: Luke 7:36-47 -A woman anoints Jesus’ feet

Place an empty bowl from your home on the purple cloth.

Sometimes we give up something during Lent or make a special offering. The woman poured expensive oil on Jesus feet. What could you give up to show love to someone else?

 Week 6: Mark 11:1-11 -Jesus the King

Place your palm leaf from worship on the purple cloth.

People were excited to see Jesus coming to Jerusalem. Imagine what it would have been like to be there. What would you hear, see, smell and touch? How does your family celebrate exciting events?

Easter (Family Worship) Mark 16:1-8, John 20:1-18

Consider replacing the purple cloth with a white one for Easter. Place the cross at the center.

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