Holy Meals – Communion Table Painting

On Sunday, all ages will worship together and receive Holy Communion. The altar tIMG_20160229_120522042able is decorated with a painting created in our faith formation classes. This will be the third week in a row that the children have heard Bible story with a meal in it. There have been many holy moments shared as the children connected with the stories.

Two weeks ago we heard the story of Jesus Feeding the 5000. The children were amazed at the baskets of leftovers. We wondered what kind of bread they had. One child suggested a baguette. Another child kindly replied that Jesus lived in a different part of the world than France, so probably not a baguette. Someone else suggested finding the answer on google. During our response time, the children stamped people on a circular paper.  Lots and lots of people  – but not quite 5000. There is always enough at God’s table.

Last week we heard the story of the Last Supper.  The children wondered again about the bread. They shared stories of receiving Holy Communion at other churches.  Several painted the bread and cup in the center of our painting. During prayer time at the end of class, they spontaneously began sharing their own meal time prayers. A three year old had us hold hands in a circle and then gave thanks  for the food and friends. My heart filled as I realized that each child leads the mealtime prayer at homes sometimes. We come to the table to give thanks to God, like Jesus did.

During worship this week we will share our painting. We will hear the story of the Prodigal Son. We will hear how the father plans a meal in celebration of the son’s return. Even when we make mistakes, God forgives us and welcomes us at the table.

Our wondering questions for Sunday’s pew time:

I wonder how the son who went away and came back felt?

I wonder how the father felt?

I wonder which Bible meal story is your favorite? Why?

I wonder what we could add to our painting?


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