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Free Holy Week Reading Bookmarks

These last few weeks I have had  time to go through some resources I have created over the years. In the next weeks, I plan to share several resources for Lent and Holy Week, including a complete Psalm a Day Lenten Devotional for All Ages.

This first resource is a two sided bookmark perfect to distribute to church families. One side has a reading for each day of Holy Week. The other side has space to insert your Holy Week service times – a great reminder for the entire congregation. The bookmarks are in Microsoft Word format.

Download the bookmark here: holy-week-bookmarks-bychristinevhides

This resources is completely free to use for non-commercial purpose. (Meaning, make as many copies as you want for your congregation. But, please do not publish on your own website, or sell for profit.) Thank you for your understanding.

Find more Lent and Holy Week resources on Bless Each One.


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