When your son or daughter has questions about confirmation…

Spring is confirmation season! How do we equip parents to have meaningful conversations with their teens? This post was written when my first daughter went through confirmation. My second, and youngest will be confirmed this month. Later this week I will post some thoughts on that. I’m reminded that no two kids are alike!

Christine V Hides


“Mom/Dad, I am not sure about this whole confirmation thing.”  Turns out I may not be the first parent to have heard this phrase. If your son or daughter utters these words, don’t panic; here are five tips to open up conversation that I can neither confirm nor deny having personally used with my own child:

  1. First, ask “why?” and then realllly listen. Try to get to the heart of the uncertainty. Keep listening and asking. It may take a while to get a response deeper than the standard “I don’t know.” Perhaps they have seen something they cannot explain or reconcile and will answer with “I don’t believe all that stuff.”  It may take time and deep conversation to get to the root of what is concerning them. On the other hand, they may have specific questions like “do I have to believe in Creationism?” Those answers depend on…

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