Ash Wednesday Coloring Page

16804041_1053933211419598_7076805583337579267_oI went looking for an Ash Wednesday coloring page and couldn’t find one I liked, so I created my own. You are welcome to download and print this one. (It was drawn on 9×12 paper, so shrink it to 93% to print on 8.5 x 11).  The abstract fire at the bottom isn’t quite what I wanted it to look like -but hopefully it is child friendly .

We are looking forward to including children in our Ash Wednesday services. Children get it. A few weeks ago, one of our 2nd graders excitedly said to me,, “Ms. Christine, I know where everything comes from! Everything is made of matter.” How true! On Ash Wednesday we remember that everything and everyone is made of the same stuff.

How are you including children in Ash Wednesday worship? Please share your ideas!

5 thoughts

  1. This is perfect, thank you!
    I offer a Wiggler-friendly service every Wednesday evening, so children aren’t as integrated into the regular Ash Wednesday service, but several of our parents/caregivers feel less (self-imposed) pressure to make sure kids “behave.” With this group I’m hoping to burn some palms to make our ashes. I’ve also used soil as a similar focus and buried seeds, which look dead but God’s creative power brings them to life (reminding children that we already know the end of Jesus’ story: God’s love is powerful enough to bring him to a NEW life).


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