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Easter Weclome To Do List

There are three parts to welcoming guest with children to Easter services: Invite, Include, and Inspire. Here’s what I’m working on this week:

Invite- Both personal and group invitations are an important part of Easter preparation.

  • Personally invite families to services. This year we will be “Egging” families by hiding plastic eggs in their yards along with a flier/invitation to  our Holy Week services. Thanks to Wooster UMC for the inspiration!
  • Don’t forget the social media publicity. I was so thankful to find the well-done and FREE graphics created by Defining Grace. Check them out!

Include – Plan ways for children (even first-time guests) to be a part of the service.

  • Prepare take-home worship bags. We’ll include scratch off crosses, an Easter coloring book, Wiki stix and more.
  • Plan a joyful and meaningful children’s message. Click here for three options I have created.
  • Use your announcements, slideshow, bulletin and/or pew cards to communicate the ways you welcome children in worship. I created a pew card written to the children directly (even though I expect adults will be the ones reading it). I’ll be working to improve the layout, but you may find the text helpful.

Inspire – In addition to declaring the Good News of Easter loudly and proudly, don’t forget to highlight meaningful and easy-entry ways for families to get involved in your church.

  • Invite them to the next thing. We will be inviting guests to an open house and a family-friendly service project.
  • Check that your website and calendar are up to date so guests can find the information they are looking for.

I pray that you are able to experience the joy of Easter in the midst of this busiest season for Christian Educators. Grace and peace, Christine


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