Valentine’s & Ash Wednesday – A New Coloring Page

ash wed sample

The NEW 2018 Ash Wednesday Coloring Page is Available for Purchase on Etsy for  just $2

There just aren’t a lot of options for Ash Wednesday coloring pages. Last year I made one with palm branches and ashes that was very popular. This year, with the added challenge of Ash Wednesday on Valentine’s day, I wanted to create something that reminded young children of God’s love for all Creation. It wasn’t easy. But, it boils down to this:

We are dust: 

We are made from the same matter as everything else- atoms formed in ancient stars. God set all this wonder and beauty into motion. Science is the exploration of how God’s Creation works. Yes, we are imperfect, but we are also beloved. While repentance is a traditional part of Ash Wednesday, children need to hear about God’s grace, too.

To dust we shall return:

True. But, I’ve never liked saying this to young children without an explanation. Because we are made of the same dust as Creation, we are part of Creation. Earth cycles and life cycles are a part of our existence. We are interconnected with God and all that is. This year we get to remember that LOVE, that divine force, transcends our physical experience. Nothing can separate us from the love of God (see Romans 8).

Click here to purchase the new Ash Wednesday Coloring Page

More Ash Wednesday resources for children are found here.

A note about the Etsy store: This website has grown far beyond my imagination in the last 6 years, providing many free resources for Christian educators and parents. Occasional resources for purchase help to pay for the ongoing maintenance of the website and to keep it ad free. Thank you for your support!

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