Inviting children to pass the peace

The peace of Christ be with you.

Christine V Hides

Since hearing Diana Butler Bass speak at CEF last October, I have been pondering her four-part “Agenda for Christian Formation.” Inspired by her book, Grounded, she suggests where and how people are searching for God:

  • Spiritual Peace and Well Being
  • Sense of Awe and Wonder about the Universe
  • Deep Sense of Gratitude
  • Engaging Meaning and Purpose of Life

IMG_20170724_092536Yesterday during worship, I used a wonderful picture book, What Does Peace Feel Like?, as a guided meditation for the entire congregation to remember a time they felt a sense of peace. Since our children’s time is right before passing of the peace, it was a perfect, experiential lead-in to that part of worship. Pull this book out anytime you find yourself searching for a moment of peace in a chaotic world.

Using this book during worship:

Ask everyone to close their eyes and imagine a time they felt peace:

What do…

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