The Importance of Children’s Prayers

Yesterday I led two prayers with children. They asked to pray for our earth (global warming, endangered turtles, and too much plastic), the prayed for others (the people an pets who need shelter during this cold week and girls in India who want to go to school). What a privilege to be preset with them as they shared their earnest hopes and longings with God.

Christine V Hides

As a young child in a small town, the only preschool was at my church. I remember bits and scraps, especially the melamine lunch trays served in fellowship hall. The vegetable compartment was always filled with a canned vegetable – spinach, beets, green beans. Growing up on a farm, factory canned vegetables were not something I was accustomed to. Over these trays of carefully prepared lunches, we learned to pray.

Shortly after I began attending preschool my parents called the director. “Do you pray for individual children at lunch they asked?” ‘No,” replied the director. Confused, my parents shared that I had been praying for “Davey and Brad” at home since I started preschool. Befuddled, the director explained that there were no children with those names. The prayer they used was “God is Great, God is good, let us thank Him for our food. By his hands, we all our…

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