Parent Perspectives: A Real Mom gives Real Answers about Faith at Home

Supporting faith at home: A conversation with a fantastic mom who is honest about time, schedules, and the questions kids ask!

Christine V Hides

IMG_9401Today, Erin, aka The Social Butterfly Mom, is sharing her perspective on how churches can support parents practicing faith at home. Erin is one of the super-engaged moms in our church and in our community. She brings fresh honesty, insights, and ideas to our children’s ministry. And, she sends me adorable videos of her two-year old reciting the Lord’s Prayer in her minivan! Not only a fantastic mom to two spunky boys (who love our kaleidoscope windows), she is also a cabaret performer, fundraising event chair, top-notch cook, and French teacher. Note to all my fellow Christian educators, recruiting her is forbidden. But, do visit her blog!

 Erin, the other day you mentioned that you would be using the children’s Bible the church gifts to all of our kindergartners in your family meetings. I’m curious, what is a typical family meeting like?

Our typical family meeting is every Sunday

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