What New Thing: A Yearly Wondering

From a post in 2016:From a post in 2016:

In past years, I have known what has been growing in Advent’s womb. My relationship with Brian began on Thanksgiving day. By Christmas we were talking marriage. Together we have felt our own babies’ kicks during Advent, twice. We have prepared for new homes. We have learned traditions in a new country. New ministries and jobs have launched in Advent. In different years friendships and family relationships have grown, faltered, and healed during Advent. Something new is always gestating in the season that we prepare for Christ’s birth.

This year, I enter the season wondering, “what new thing is being born this year?” I do not know. But I prepare the way the best I can. I clear out the clutter, stuff, and busyness that consumes. I prepare time and space for relationship with family, friends and God.  I remain open to what is happening around me, both good and bad. I strive to embrace mystery. I pray:

God who became flesh, What glorious, impossible things you create with the simplest of ingredients: love, joy, faith and hope. In a world of uncertainty, you invite us into mystery. Guide us through this season that we might help prepare the way for all you have promised is coming. Amen.

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