An Advent Letter to Friends and Readers:

As we approach the end of a year we could never have imagined, the strange Advent blend of wonder and exhaustion seems amplified. Like many, my energy has ebbed and flowed unpredictably. Overall, I feel I am doing quite well. Then on a recent trip to the dentist she asked, “are you stressed?” My teeth revealed that ministry in a pandemic continues to be more challenging than I admit out loud.

In addition to pivoting to new forms of online and drive-through ministry, in recent months  I have been working on finishing my paperwork for ordination as a deacon in the United Methodist Church, parenting teenagers – one of whom is applying for college, and enjoying connecting with other faith formation leaders through this website. It is a very “yes, and” season.


Sunday it was announced that I will be taking on a new role as the Associate Minister/Pastor for Discipleship, adding Adult Education and Communications to my portfolio. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to answer God’s call to lead ministries of faith formation for all ages. 


In the midst of ordination and new responsibilities I am paying attention to my energy and the limits of what I am able to do well. My intention is to slow down in certain areas in order to focus on others. I share the following things I will be doing that it might inform those who read this website and inspire others who may need to catch their breath:

Looking at ministry beyond Christmas, we will be focusing on simple, tangible, online ministry, building on our Advent momentum. The current plan is to offer a Godly Play Family Chapel, our 3rd Grade Bible Milestone class, and “Drawing Closer to God” – an online artful exploration of picture books, including Roger Hutchinson’s brand new book Faces: A Love Story.

My hope is to weave together a collection of resources for January, including Epiphany and Baptism of the Lord, later this week. In the meantime, please pray with me:

God who became flesh, what glorious, impossible things you create with the simplest of ingredients: love, joy, faith and hope. In a world of uncertainty, you invite us into mystery. Guide us through this season that we might help prepare the way for all you have promised is coming. Amen.

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