On Wilderness, Resilience, and Faith@Home Resources

I was honored to be asked to contribute to  Forma’s Faith@Home weekly Watch, Listen, Read, Do, Pray activities. This week’s scripture takes us into the Exodus wilderness.

Our family, like many, has experienced the wilderness in both literal and metaphorical ways. Being briefly lost in the desert and exploring less traveled trails has given us opportunities to reflect upon our faith. 

At other times we have experienced grief, health concerns, and unemployment. My husband describes the crises we experience as “tunnels” of unknown length. The current global pandemic is such a tunnel. We are finding that what we learned in past times of uncertainty is guiding and strengthening our family in these times as well. Teamwork, connection, empowerment, and faith are just some of the gifts of the wilderness that I am grateful for.

What we learn from the wilderness both in scripture and our own experiences has the potential to help us build resiliency, the ability to find our way back from grief, loss, and trauma to a place of well-being. I experience resilience as a form of everyday resurrection, in which Christ’s healing power meets us where we are and as God walks with us in both hardship into hope.

I pray that the Holy Spirit uses the resources and reflections above to bring comfort and strength in these days and weeks ahead.  

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