Tips and a Blessing for Online Faith Formation

Friends, what a week! Many of us pivoted to online ministry in a few short days. We gathered together online to share knowledge with one another. And, we juggled working from home while caring for and teaching our children. Whew!

I’m trying to carve out time to share what I can with other faith formation leaders. I have a new set of tips for leading online faith formation with children available as a smart .pdf. If you are already subscribed to my email list, please check Monday’s weekly email. The link is included so you do not need to subscribe again. 

I continue to update our  picture book faith/play/action prompts in this smart .pdf. For those of you asking about copyright issues (great , question!!) Amelia Richardson Dress is curating the best list I have seen for books that are allowed to be read online.

Later this week I will share a post about activities that work well for online youth groups. Have an idea? I would love to share it. 

As I read the social media posts from church leaders over the weekend, I realized how vulnerable it feels to do online worship and ministry. We worry about lighting, technology, and a million small details. My firm belief is that our people are looking for connection over perfection these days. Grace abounds in this time.

Let us be heartened, for God reveals Godself however God wills. We who know God by burning bush, by bread and wine, and by an empty tomb can certainly know God over WiFi, even as we long to feel the deep bass of the organ rumble through our core, to pass Christ’s peace through the handshakes of our congregation, and in the comforting familiarity of the sanctuary.  

May our online worship and prayer, learning and praise be holy and pleasing to God in these coming weeks. You’ve got this. God’s got this. Thanks be to God.

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