Children’s Ministry During COVID-19

Earlier this week, I suggested we look for God’s gifts as we pray with children in uncertain times. School and church closures are inspiring ministry leaders to be creative and experiment with online ministry. People are checking in (virtually) with their friends and neighbors. Many of us who are over scheduled have been given the gift of time and rest. 

We have also become more aware and attentive to our neighbors needs: those who are sick or are at risk of becoming ill, those whose income is lost, those who do not have healthcare. May we continue to live into God’s command to love our neighbor in these times.

At my church, we are cancelling in-person events and replacing each one with an online or take home version. We are also adding opportunities to connect throughout the week:

  1. Online Sunday school Hosted on Zoom, it will begin 30 minutes before our worship live-stream. We will continue until school resumes in our area.
  2. Midweek groups Online: Similar to our usual format we will have games and prayer. We are working on some fun games we can play online- stay tuned.
  3. Children’s Worship Notes for Live-stream (NEW): A printable tool to help older kids follow along during online only worship.
  4. Virtual Lunch and Story (NEW): We will begin a live, daily story time with children’s ministry staff. The fantastic new book,  Little Mole Finds Hope by Glenys Nellist, is first on our list.
  5. Take Home Activities: Supplies for Resurrection Gardens and Holy Week boxes will be available for pick up on a table outside the church beginning on the days we were going to do them in Sunday school.
  6. Faith at Home Activities: Simple prompts sent via email will include a Bible story, creative response activity, and prayer. Parents are asking for things they can do with extended time home. These will be curated to help families incorporate new, everyday faith rituals into their lives. Play will be emphasized.

A few other resources too good not to share:

For those of you in ministry, especially in smaller churches, know that you are free to use anything on my website, always. Just include my name and link, please. If you want to have a conversation about ministry or just need a colleague to talk to, please message me on facebook or email me using the bar on the right.

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