Encouragement for Parents

My colleague Dede Reilly posted a meme recently that said, “Congratulations! you’ve made it to the end of April! Welcome to  to level 5 of Jumanji!” That pretty much sums up what I and others I know are experiencing. Wild swings, uncertainty, lack of time to ourselves, family together time, gratitude for all that is good… You know, all the things!

In light of all that we are experiencing, I’ve been sharing short videos for parents the past few weeks. Each week I end up speaking from a different place. By the end of this everyone may have seen my entire house. Maybe I should make a bingo card 😉

I’ve collected the videos here if they might be helpful to you.

The prayer in “Finding Peace” is from my new booklet of prayers, Sheltered at Home: Family Prayers for Living and Loving.

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